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Why Choose Legendware?

The powerful cheat tool for CSGO offers unique features that other tools cannot. It also ensures that you have a great gaming experience like never before. 

  • Undetected cheat
  • Legit and safe
legendware aimbot cheat


Legendware offers functionality that ensures you can kill your powerful enemies while ensuring that all the hacking tools fly under the radar so that your account will never be banned. Whenever you’re matchmaking, the tool will give you all the right advantages so that you have what it takes to win the round and the match.


Rage means when a player enables specific hacks like anti- aiming features against other players to ensure that the opponents cannot get a good shot at them. This tool offers a great rage system for a reasonable price that players can buy. It allows customizability to suit your playing style, and it also provides useful features like double-tapping and hiding shots.


With stunning visuals and lots of exciting features, the Legendware cheat tool will also help boost your confidence and mood. It also allows users to customize the visual settings to the way they see fit. The visual effects of the interface will give users a chance to match their desktop theme and other settings, giving a wide range of customizable features.


If you want to change the feature of a cheat, you can add or change the scripts based on what you want. If you’re missing a feature that you want, with LUA, you can create it by yourself. The feature is user-friendly and also gives access for users to download scripts easily. LUA is a helpful feature for players who want to bend the hack system a bit more towards their will, giving you full access to unlimited features.


With a minimalistic design, you can now have a tool that is pleasing to the eye, which is also quite easy to use. The design interface will ensure that you have a seamless experience while using Legendware during CSGO games. The low-key design ensures that players can focus more on the technical setting rather than being distracted by the interface.


Besides the usual hacking features, the wide array of miscellaneous functions that Legendware provides is on another level. The software uses a ton of setting like auto jump, auto strafe, adblocking, and so much more.

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legendware csgo cheat gameplay


In the Legendware cheat, there are nine sub-menus that the users can access:

  1. Legit
  2. Rage
  3. Anti-aim
  4. Visuals
  5. Miscellaneous
  6. Skins
  7. Settings
  8. Players
  9. LUA 
  • Legit: Under this sub-menu, you can enable or disable the backtrack limit and choose the pitch recoil level and yaw recoil for each weapon. You can even change the first shot and target switch delay under this menu. It also gives you the ability to change the hitbox for the player.
  • Rage: Under the Rage menu, users can make changes to the Hitchance and minimum damage for the weapons. You can also change the field of view based on what you like.
  • Anti-aim: Under anti-aim, you can modify the type of jitter that your opponents will see when they aim at you. You can also desync the range and invert the aim. You can also enable fake lag and fluctuate your player.
  • Visuals: You can enable ESP along with flags and weapons under this sub-menu. The visible chams can also be modified based on what you want.
  • Miscellaneous: Under miscellaneous settings, you have the option to enable the automatic purchase of weapons and load-outs based on your settings. You can Laos reveal ranks and clan tags, along with the option to enable infinite duck, fast stop, Adblock, and preserve kill feed.
  • Skins: Now, you have the power to choose any type of weapon skin that you want and add them to your inventory.
  • Settings: Under settings, you can view the configuration settings and scripts that you have loaded.
  • Players: Under the Players sub-menu, users can enable white list, force pitch, force body yaw, force body aim, force safe points, and copy their Steam ID.
  • LUA: The LUA sub-menu allows users to enable developer mode to change the scripts based on how you want them to be. It also enables the changing of Shot static position and height. Legit anti-aim while pressing E can also be enabled.
Get Legendware Now

Why Use Legendware?

When you play games such as CSGO, the need to dominate other players and change the course of the game arises. Playing competitive games requires good aiming and timing, which will be the eventual deciding factor of any game.

This is where Legendware CSGO cheat comes into play. It is an effective and easy-to-use tool that allows players to become more dominant and have the upper hand. It helps players to be more precise in their aiming and shooting, not to mention the overlooked features like auto jump and auto-trigger buttons.

So, there are lots of advantages when you’re using Legendware CSGO cheats. Since Legendware flies under the radar, it will give the impression and makes sure that the mod is not detected by any anti-cheat engines whenever you’re using the tool.

A powerful tool like this will surely give you the ultimate power to win every individual match you play online. It will also make sure that all the hacks and cheats work effectively by selecting them. Legendware is now available for free!

This lifetime license will ensure that you never have to purchase another private hack tool again, helping you save lots of money in the long run. 

In this article, we’ll give you an insight into what Legendware offers and how it will give you an advantage during CGSO matches, along with its primary features.